Annie Johnson

UntitledTitle: Production Coordinator of the Plant Operations Division

Company: Honeywell International Inc.

Location: Owasso, Okla.

Throughout a 24-year career in manufacturing management, Ms. Johnson has remained passionate about her work, one factor that has greatly influenced her ongoing success. However, it doesn’t hurt that she has also strived to remain driven, flexible and open-minded. Ms. Johnson is now involved in the plant operations of Honeywell International Inc., bringing her expertise to this company after gaining formidable experience at Rockwell Automation, Inc.

As a production coordinator within Honeywell’s plant operations division, she utilizes her excellent people management skills to mediate between shop workers and warehouse management. She is also in communication with local leadership committees. Moreover, Ms. Johnson is charged with overseeing division purchases and coordinating the activities of the Federal Aviation Administration repair stations. She has held this role for the last 14 years of her career, and in 2007, was honored for her efforts with an Employee of the Year Award.

Ms. Johnson’s goals have always been to achieve more than is expected of her and to perform her job to the best of her ability. She is grateful for the fantastic support she has received during her tenure with this company, particularly that of the leadership team at Honeywell-LORI, which has made many of her accomplishments possible. She is also appreciative of the encouragement of so many of her family; she especially thanks: Scott, Carol, Deanna, Brad, Joel, Kenneth, Mendel, Skye, Kade and Mackinsie.


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