Dorothy Farnath

d374a303cd454b0f85a8416044bf74a4Title: President

Company: Dorothy W. Farnath & Associates, Inc.

Location: Shamong, N.J.

Celebrating her 26th year as president and owner of a contingency and retained recruitment company, Dorothy Faranath continues to provide her services for the clinical and biotech laboratory industry. Wielding 43 years in laboratory and biomedical diagnostics, she continues in the field with the work ethic instilled by her father, who started and developed a successful construction business. Initially, Ms. Faranath became involved in her profession in order to expand the opportunities of her career.

Ms. Faranath began to work as an independent business in 1988, and ran the business as a single mom building on a reputation of hard work, integrity and honesty. In 1964, she received a bachelor’s degree from The University of Pennsylvania preparing her with knowledge in the laboratory sciences field and responsibility that will take her further. During free-time, Ms. Faranath supports The Salvation Army.

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