Mary Jo Cifrian

Global-Corporate-Finance-Accounting-Services-1024x319Title: Director Global Accounting and Corporate

Company: ADP LLC

Location: Roseland, N.J.

Mary Jo Cifrian was introduced to the world of finance while in high school, and it has been a field of interest of hers ever since then. ADP LLC has proudly employed her services as director of global corporate accounting, providing many clients in the financial services arena. She attributes her success to her dedication to where she works hard and always does the right thing. Ms. Cifrian has been serving in the corporate world for 23 years and gained a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Ms. Cifrian has developed as project manager, addressing issues with in the area of software solutions, having prepared for this career by furthering her education and getting hired with a company that offered many opportunities to expand on her knowledge and assume leadership roles, which has helped her growth in this chosen career path. Her greatest accomplishment has been implementing offshore organization and tools to affect overall and long-term improvements. The biggest challenge Ms. Cifrian had to overcome is my continuation and expansion of offshore and outsourced work.

One aspect of Ms. Cifrian’s working condition she would change is implementing better networking opportunities. However, her future goals include leading her company in becoming a true global organization, drawing inspiration through the challenge of implementing, changing and bringing new strategic ideas to the table. She would most like to be remembered as a person who cared and was always approachable for sharing new and interesting ideas. During her free-time, Ms. Cifrian enjoys traveling to Costa Rica and other international countries to experience new cultures.

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