Lisa Cooley

CooleyTitle: Nursing Department Chair

Company: Jefferson Community College

Location: Chaumont, N.J.

During the past quarter of her 20 years in health care, Lisa Cooley has provided lecturing and department chair services for the nursing division of Jefferson Community College. Wielding a Master of Science in Nursing degree and certification as a registered nurse, she provides the community college with expertise in adult education, staff and program development, and instructional design. Initially, Ms. Cooley chose nursing because she didn’t like the way were being treated.

Having always wanted to make a difference, Ms. Cooley ultimately decided that by continuing her education, it would enable her to help others that also wanted to be a part of the healthcare industry. Specifically, she earned her MSN in nursing education from Walden University, and her undergraduate degree from SUNY Plattsburgh. As well, Ms. Cooley earned the Watertown Chamber of Congress award for Ambassador of the Year.

Ms. Cooley is a board member for the local office for the gaining. She also does ambassador work for the local chamber of commerce and Alzheimer’s Association. On a national level, Ms. Cooley does her best to support the American Heart Association and National Alzheimer’s Association.

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