Pattie Dischinger

b936241b3a094a1eabf1665441cbab7aTitle: Vice President of Business Continuance

Company: FCBI Holdings

Location: Temple, TX

Having entered the financial arena at the age of 19, Pattie Dischinger has spent the past nine years at FCBI Holdings. As a bank, FCBI Holdings relies on her expertise in business continuity, disaster recovery, quality planning, federal internal and external audits and policy development and management. Specifically throughout the week, she leads implementation of multiple strategic initiatives including quality, business continuity plan and disaster recovery initiative, conducts business impact analysis, and makes disaster recovery testing project plans. Ms. Dischinger also develops and maintains quality manual initiatives for information technology and direct detailed institutional-wide risk assessments.

Prior to joining FCBI Holdings, Ms. Dischinger worked as a business recovery coordinator and a telecommunications manager for Scott and White Memorial Hospital, was vice president and director of information services with Extraco Banks, a banker at First Victoria National Bank, and a consultant with Hochheim Prairie Insurance Companies. Throughout the years, she has receive the Bronze Award from Scott & White Blood Center and Exchange Boy/Girl of the Year Award Judge. Ms. Dischinger attributes her success to the support of her grandmother, who prepared her for success.

Ms. Dischinger is currently earning a Homeland Security Degree at Central Texas College. She has previously taken a business continuity class at the University of Texas at Arlington, coursework in crisis management and business continuity at MIT, and obtained credit hours in information technology and RPG programming courses through the University of Houston. During her free-time, she supports the St. John Lutheran’s Church. In five years, Ms. Dischinger intends to complete a degree.

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