Karen Deavall

b7bb62150a4445d0a70702522f85233fTitle: Managing Director

Company: Improved Reading Centres South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Karen Deavall’s consulting and free-lance facilitation company has been operating since 1995. Her greatest career achievement was starting a law degree at the age of 30 and completing her articles of clerkship, earning a law degree studying part-time and simultaneously raising her children and being a wife. She is proud of having passed all of her legal board exams 2 years before she had completed her degree. Ms. Deavall graduated with B. Proc. law degree from UNISA (University of South Africa) at the age of 35. In 2006 she was awarded a BA Communication Science, also through part-time studying at UNISA. Ms. Deavall once had a clerk who attended the Advanced Reading Skills Course. The clerk could only read at around 20 words per minute with less than 50 percent comprehension. She increased her effective performance level by 17 times. This was an incredible improvement, which increased her confidence immeasurably and enabled her to have the courage to apply for a more senior position. 

The other highlight of Ms. Deavall’s consultation/facilitation career was being part of a very powerful team that introduced a unique three-year customer service strategy from the Service Quality Institute in USA, through a local licensee, to Multichoice Africa. She was responsible for the train the trainer program for Multichoice Africa’s facilitators and she advised on roll out strategies. She also trained managers on Leading Empowered Teams. This entailed training the facilitators on various customer service courses and campaigns and giving managers an overview of these courses and campaigns.  The management team and facilitators then rolled out the customer service program, very successfully, to the rest of Sub- Saharan Africa region.

While others focus on speed-reading, Ms. Deavall focuses on identifying and getting rid of poor reading habits and finding a way to change them. She strategizes and implements new techniques to help people improve their Effective Reading Performance levels. In terms of her facilitation she has an excellent ability to translate difficult concepts, using various techniques and interesting analogies, into meaningful information, which results in high levels of understanding by participants. Ms. Deavall sees problems as a challenge and enjoys solving them creatively. Ms. Deavall holds the Master License for South Africa and the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa for the Improved Reading Centres, to conduct under license, as well as sell licenses throughout the region to conduct, the Advanced Reading Skills Course. In five years, Ms. Deavall intends to have sold at least 20 to 30 license holders for the Improved Reading Centres to conduct the Advanced Reading Skills Course in the Sub-Saharan Africa region.

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