Claire Henke

imported_member_thumbnail_49685-140x150Title: Master’s Prepared Registered Nurse

Company: Manor Care

Location: New Salem, N.D.

After receiving a Bachelor of Science in nursing from Medcenter One College of Nursing in 1993, Claire Henke began her career in health care. There-after, she received a Master’s of Science in nursing administration and education at the University of Phoenix. Ms. Henke has been in her current position for the past 10 months.

Ms. Henke currently holds the position of administrative director of nursing services at HCR ManorCare. There, she provides her expertise in patient care, public speaking, research, health care management, strategic planning, leadership, and teaching. Ms. Henke chose this career path because at the age of 16, she knew health care was a calling for her.  At the age of 17, she worked with the developmentally disabled, then becoming a nurse was a natural progression for her.

The biggest challenge of Ms. Henke’s career is being able to be strong and independent. She does feel that male nurses are heard more than females, and they do move forward more quickly.  It is now a totally different mentality than it was when she first started. Personally, she believes her greatest accomplishments are her three sons and being a Foster Care Longterm Treatment Care Parent for six boys. Ms. Henke has raised her children to become productive citizens. Professionally, it was obtaining a master’s degree and using it to further her career.

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