Natalie Winters

$RRYDW83Title: Independent Psychologist

Location: Cary, N.C.

Coming from a limited background and having many challenges and rising above has helped Natalie Winters achieve the professional she remains today. She has allowed herself to be guided by mentors and those wiser than her, and has always kept a positive attitude about everything. Ms. Winters has found that her success also stems from her determination and enthusiasm.Ms. Winters is a physiologist, but not the type that sits there in a chair and says “mhm,” or just believes in behavioral issues. She sticks true to her philosophy of “Don’t be so attached to the outcome, take things easy, and take it one step at a time.” Ms. Winters also likes taking different approaches and likes being an action therapist; “You can’t approach everyone the same way people are different and take things different ways.”

Prior to her current pursuits as a private-practice physiologist, Ms. Winters was a professor at Nova Southeastern University for eight years. However, she continues to lecture, as well as act, sing and write plays.

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