Lori Fisher

imported_member_thumbnail_49519-140x150Title: Chief Executive Officer

Company: SpencerARL New York, Inc.

Location: Grosse Point, MI United States

Lori Fisher remains successful as the chief executive officer at SpencerARL New York, Inc. by bringing a different perspective to all aspects of business than her colleagues and peers. Her perspective is one that ensures continuous and fluid operations for long-term, seamless strategic partnerships to organizations requiring material management solutions. Throughout her workweek, Ms. Fisher oversees a team of talented individuals whose expertise in third party logistic solutions has made the company an industry leader providing sub-assembly, warehousing, distribution and logistic services to the public transit manufacturing industry.

Ms. Fisher was the first elected woman to the Board of Directors in 2009 and continues to be involved on various committees. Her advice to those entering the field is to be the best person for the job and treat everyone with respect. She was fortunate to have learned so much about business from her grandfather, who founded his own business. He owned a hockey arena and was involved in the automotive industry, providing packaging and painting of parts. When Fisher founded her first business, her grandfather mentored her and inspired her to work harder. Ms. Fisher also believes it’s important to vigilantly focus on goals while remaining flexible enough to change as business opportunities develop.

“At SpencerARL New York, Inc. we believe that there is more than one way to solve a problem. The diversity of our workplace enhances our creativity and our ability to find multiple solutions to problems. Women play a key role in that diversity and creativity. We have earned our reputation because we have succeeded in nurturing trust from our customers, while ensuring excellence in quality in both our work and our people.”

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