Sylvia Johnson

0775c57Title: President, Chief Executive Officer

Company: Johnsons Immediate Solutions, LLC

Location: Bowie, Md.

Celebrating her fourth year as president and chief executive officer of Johnsons Immediate Solutions, LLC, Sylvia Johnson continues to garner compliance and customer service expertise in her 25th year in the small-business management arena. At Johnsons Immediate Solutions, LCC, she provides comprehensive selection of administrative and professional services to address the business needs of clients, thereby meeting or exceeding their expectations. Throughout her work-week, Ms. Johnson handles operations, negotiations, management, customer interactions, and recruiting, while leading the vision of the company.

Initially, Ms. Johnson became involved in her profession because she has been working in this industry for 25 years. She finds the work exciting and enjoys the daily challenges. She attributes her success to great customer service, personal interaction and great relationship-building skills. Ms. Johnson also attributes her success to receiving a master’s degree in biotech from the University of Maryland College Park.

Johnsons Immediate Solutions, LLC (JI Solutions), has two locations within the District of Columbia metropolitan area, including one in a designated D.C. HUBZone and one in Bowie, Md. For more information about Ms. Johnson and JI Solutions, please visit her LinkedIn profile. In five years, Ms. Johnson will work on more government contracting jobs and continue to grow her business.

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