Antonella Hollett

bg-1-24440Title: Occupational Health and Safety Consultant

Company: AGO Safety Solutions

Location: Mississauga, Ont.

Attributing 21 year of success to being passionate about her work and having the drive to do the right thing, Antonella Hollett pushes on in her third year as an occupational health and safety consultant for AGO Safety Solutions. As a consulting and training firm, Ago Safety Solutions relies on her leadership to consult with small and mid-size companies and organizations, ensure compliance with health and safety regulations, and teach CPR as a partner with the Canadian Red Cross. Ms. Hollett also hands program development for organizations, conducts on-site health and safety training, audits, leads teams, assists with ministry of labor orders, and maintains affiliation with Safe Workplace Associations. 

Initially, Ms. Hollett became involved in her profession because it was a natural progression from her initial desire to be a paramedic. She received certification in 2003 as a health and safety consultant, and receives on-going first aid and CPR instructor certification. She has also received the Loblaw Company’s The President’s Choice Award, and The Unsung Hero Award. In five years, Ms. Hollett hopes to grow her consulting business and become a first responder through the Red Cross.

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