Rachel Ann Weiss

b6a1d0a4b3304d46a306db3dbfcbeb3fTitle: Lead Data Security Analyst

Company: UPS, Inc.

Location: Mahwah, NJ United States

At the beginning of her career, Rachel Ann Weiss obtained a background in computer engineering, which lead her to work for a company that, after a while, seemed only to offer monotonous work. When the chance to work for UPS came, she took advantage of all the experience and training she would get. Ms. Weiss chose her career path because she wanted to work for a service-oriented company that looks at each company as an individual, and she has found that UPS meets that criteria. As their lead data security analyst, her responsibilities include mentoring a team of six individuals, taking care of mid-range platforms, managing and auditing access controls, and auditing 2,000 servers on a daily basis.

In recognition of her success, Ms. Weiss was honored with the Distinguished Toastmaster Award, the Advanced Communicator Silver Award and the Advanced Leadership Bronze Award from Toastmasters International, and was named Woman of the Year by the National Association of Professional Women in 2011. Additionally, she is a Distinguished Delegate of The International Women’s Leadership Association, and the 2015 AARAL Hudson Division Amateur Radio Operator of the Year. Ms. Weiss attributes her success to her tenacity, long-range vision, and mentors, and would advise the younger generation of women to set their sights high, have real expectations, and work the plan.

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