Marlene Van Benthem

cc142ce62c284dcbbdd06d6cb8c150f3Title: Program Coordinator

Company: Netherlands Space Office

Location: Den Haag, Netherlands

By accessing her good listening and analytical abilities, Marlene Van Benthem continues in her 26th year in the observation program coordination arena. Currently, as program coordinator of the Netherlands Space Office, she has spent the past six years refining her expertise in change management and operations innovation to help the space agency provide a plethora of fluid programs. Specifically, Ms. Van Benthem coordinates new opportunities, research and development, and collaborates with a large network of universities who are interested in Copernicus.

Ms. Van Benthem became involved in her profession because she created an observation policy in former years, and  It has been a natural progression of opportunities. She is a member of The Ceres Foundation, and supports Soroptimist International. In five years, Ms. Van Benthem plans to continue promoting the Copernicus Programme, focusing on the Ceres Foundation.

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