Karen Rice


Title: Entrepreneur

Company: Rice Performance

Location: Seattle, Wash.

Celebrating 15 years of entrepreneurship, Karen Rice successfully continues her performance consultancy through her dedication, passion, and putting her clients first.  Through Rice Performance, she provides clients with performance analysis, training and development and leadership development, while maintaining every aspect of each clients’ custom needs. In five years, she expects to continue to expand her team and help build and grow their skills, in addition to growing her business into the health care industry.

Ms. Rice is an expert in client communication and organization, employee performance improvement, relationship building to network, and providing motivational coaching. Specifically, she handles all sales, business development, organizational analysis, custom training design, facilitation, and communication and change management strategies. Initially, Ms. Rice became involved in her profession because she found a job as a secretary and decided it was not what she wanted to do with her life. She went back to school to further her education and started her business soon after and continued to grow.

Through Florida State University, Ms. Rice received a Master of Science in instructional systems design, and a bachelor’s degree in English. Since graduation, she keeps abreast of changes in her profession through her memberships with Certified Women Owned Business and the International Society for Performance Improvement. During her free-time, Ms. Rice is part of the local Parent Teachers Association at her childrens’ school.

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