Christina Coppotelli

tpg_logo_270_31Title: Director of Business Development

Company: TPG Architecture

Location: New York

As a woman in today’s world, what Christina Coppotelli has contributed to her success is networking with other women in the same industry and learning on how they approach business. The advice she would give the younger generation of women entering the workforce is not to be shy when wanting to communicate and reaching out to someone who you want to learn from.  Ms. Coppotelli also continues to learn through her supporting cast of co-workers as director of business development at the firm TPG Architecture.

Celebrating her first year at TPG Architecture, Ms. Coppotelli builds her expertise in real estate while managing commercial real estate sales including offices in Manhattan. She finds that her success stems from her hard work, dedication, and networking abilities. Initially, Ms. Coppotelli became involved in her profession because she decided to follow in the footsteps of her father, who worked in the real estate and construction fields.In five years, she hopes to continue in the real estate field.

Some of the organizations that have made a difference in Ms. Coppotelli’s profession is Cushmere Wakefield and Boston Property. In 1996, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in history from Tulane University, and has kept abreast of changes in her field through memberships with the Real Estate Board of New York and the Young Men’s and Women’s Real Estate Association of New York. Ms. Coppotelli also trains dogs to assist ill or hospitalized people.

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