Yolanda Parker

490192a285c24567b0f20facec4795a7Title: Owner, Managing Partner

Company: YKP Global Ventures LLC

Location: Live Oak, Texas

Celebrating YKP Global Ventures LLC‘s second year in business, Yolanda K Parker developed this venture and birthed it through her vision of giving service and benefits to those in need of health and wellness, as well as wealth.

Ms Parker is a seasoned federal human resources specialist and a life-time entrepreneur with training, team building, direct sales and eCommerce experience.

Her training and ability to research and test various business models, has attracted her latest and greatest endeavor – H9 Water, a hydrogen-rich structured water – a scientific breakthrough with a mission of “Caring and Sharing” – which resonates with Yolanda’s personal beliefs and moral compass.

She is here to promote H9 water as a way to improve health and wellness, and offer help in bringing clean, healthy drinking water to the world.

Her website and Facebook page include the phrase “Joyful Living Water” as a reflection of her faith and passion for this service.

“Science suggests structured water hydrates better, detoxifies faster and nourishes more efficiently.”

In addition to H9 water, Yolanda has developed vibration-lifting modalities through her years of energy and sound studies. She is certified in Reiki Level III, EDINA Energy Healing Level I, Sacred Scale Music Therapy Level I, Advanced Angel Card Reader, Toastmasters Competent Communicator, Toastmasters Competent Leader; and is a Graduate Student of Dr Joe Vitale’s Miracles Coaching Program by former Prosper, Inc., now Achieve Today.

Yolanda puts forth her expertise in networking, marketing, product promotion, communication, direct sales, team building, and organizational development to continue her success as an independent partner. However, Ms. Parker’s life-goal is always working toward her divinely appointed purpose and mission, which includes spreading happiness and well-being to others with H9 water and YKP Global Ventures LLC.

Yolanda extends her vision as an Ambassador for health and wealth through H9 Water. She also brings forth a holistic method of engaging sound and energy healing through drum circles and events that foster peace, joy and balance. She is published online and she travels with the intent of reaching those who are thirsting for knowledge, encouragement, health, wealth and well-being.

Ms. Parker is a 6th-generation Texan, descended from pioneers from Mexico and Spain. One of many who is noted here is Juan Vargas who arrived in Texas in 1830 before the Fall of the Alamo and lived to 115 years. His testimony as an Alamo Eye Witness is recorded in several books and news articles, and the registry of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas (DRT). Ms. Parker is currently in the verification process of being his verified descendant in the DRT.

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