Claire Murphy

CPMTitle: Director

Company: The Self-Rejuvenation Center

Location: Newberry, Fla.

Through her passion for health care and education, Claire Power Murphy became an expert in humanitarian services by dedicating her life and insatiable perseverance to the well-being of people on all levels. She began her career as an educator through New York City Department of Education, which is where she developed and shared her program Expanding Horizons with her advanced-learner third grade class. After it gained some buzz, she was approached to present it to all third-grade teachers in Staten Island at the Greater Metropolitan Social Studies Conference and the Middle Atlantic States Social Studies Conference, basing the premise of the presentation on the Hippocrates quote, “Society must return to the basics, let food be your medicine.” It wasn’t until the publication of Preserved to Serve that Ms. Power Murphy caught the entrepreneurial bug and opened up The Self-Rejuvenation Center.

1R9A9553As the current director of the Self-Rejuvenation Center, Inc., Ms. Power Murphy leads the personal development company to provide the sale of her multiple award winning book Preserved to Serve, along with the CD it inspired. Preserved to Serve chronicles a life’s journey from a sickly junk food addict in childhood, to a carnivorous teacher, to a vegetarian, to a balanced juicer mother, to the incorporation of the eight laws of health as a grandmother, to the final inception as a fruitarian author. All her efforts have not gone unnoticed, as just this year she has been recognized as Woman of the Year by Women’s Radio Network and earned Diamond of the Decade. She has also held a highly successful radio interview with Dr. Pat of the radio broadcast ‘The Dr. Pat Show.’ As well, she has internationally represented Author House, the leading independent publisher at the annual convention of American Association of Retired Persons at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas. Looking ahead, Ms. Power Murphy hopes to be the director of Tomorrow’s School and serve as a motivational speaker.

Ms. Power Murphy believes that, as an individual draws closer to living within the laws of nature, one’s health, character and relationships improve. She has written general health and self-help motivational fictions, while assisting herself, her family and others. Through this medium and outlet, Ms. Pow1R9A9555er Murphy grew into a voluntary leader of The Health and Wellness Group that has morphed into the award-winning business. She was also nominated this year in New York as USA Humanitarian Ambassador during the third annual G.O.D Awards. Ms. Power Murphy was also interviewed by KC Armstrong for WRNW1, and the views just keep rolling in!

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