Linda D. Miller

de9754cb3849478eac0a123e113b45ccTitle: Founding Partner
Company: IDLife LLC
Location: Secane, PA United States

Following in her father’s footsteps, Linda Miller spent 22 years in the police force, educating the next generation in criminal justice and maintaining the ability to explain to both female and male students how she was treated. She taught them that no matter the gender, there should always be respect for one another. After decades of protecting and caring for her community, however, Ms. Miller decided to retire from the force and look for new ways to help people. Being in great physical shape, it was only natural that she turn to changing lives through good health and nutrition, which is where IDLife LLC, comes in.  Ms. Miller is proud to be on the ground floor as a founding member of the breakthrough system, which includes products that address nutritional needs, weight management needs, energy needs and sleep cycle needs. In particular, she would like to promote her company’s children’s line. A vanilla flavored shake and a mixed berry flavored vitamin, KIDS Nutrition supplement, is available for purchase.

Initially, Ms. Miller became involved in her profession after a lifelong interest in fitness. She was an aerobic instructor while working as a police officer. She also served as a college security officer and taught aerobics to the faculty. This provided her with experience designing exercise and nutrition programs. Attributing her success to having exceptional listening skills, Ms. Miller is separated from her peers through her personality, drive and passion. In addition, she has excellent communication and interpersonal skills. She is not judgmental and treats others how she would want to be treated.

Ms. Miller received a master’s degree in criminal justice at West Chester University in 2000. Prior to becoming a police officer, she worked in college security before becoming a police officer. During her free-time, she supports Friends of the Fallen and Stockings for Soldiers.

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