Marie Elena Clemenger

Title: Owner, Tax Preparation Manager
Company: Alpha Tax & Business Accounting System
Location: Weatherford, TX United States

Marie Elena Clemenger’s connection to accounting runs deep, tracing back to her first job of keeping records and books for her father’s trucking company. Crunching numbers had always come easily to her, and her position enhanced her desire to pursue the field further. Ms. Clemenger proceeded to earn a Bachelor of Science in accounting, and later on earned a master’s degree in accounting and credit. She also became  a registered tax professional with the IRS and a member of the National Society of Tax Professionals.

Supported by her impressive background, Ms. Clemenger has thrived in her role as the owner and professional tax preparer of Alpha Tax & Business Accounting System. She is a top choice in Weatherford, and is proud to have been in business for nearly four decades. As a woman in today’s world, Ms. Clemenger attributes her achievements to the way she deals with men. Her approach to them is neurtal, and she doesn’t treat them differently or feel intimidated. There have been times that her gender made men second-guess her, but they come back after realizing what she proposed was accurate. If Ms. Clemenger could offer some advice to the younger generations, it would be to not expect entitlement. Success comes from working hard.

Looking to the future, Ms. Clemenger hopes to be remembered for having a sense of humor and for keeping her word.

Contact Marie Elena Clemenger:

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