Bonnie D. King-Rose

king-rose-bonnieLocation: Baltimore, MD United States

Initially, Bonnie D. King-Rose started her career in sales with IBM. Following her passion for money and business, she later decided to move into the stockbroker sector. After passing the certification test, she found it difficult to find a position because of her gender. With determination and hard work, however, she finally landed a position, and retired from the industry in 2003. She proceeded to use her newfound time and decades of knowledge to teach summer classes at Howard Community College and work at the Baltimore Visitors Center for a few years.

Ms. King-Rose prepared for her endeavors by studying business at University of Maryland, College Park, as well as by completing on-the-job training and learning in New York for a month. In addition to her strong educational background, she believes her perseverance and great communication and customer service skills helped lead her down a path to success. Further, Ms. King-Rose credits her achievements to her mother, who instilled in her the idea that women can do whatever they want to. If she could offer some advice to the younger generations, it would be to never feel entitles; show up early and stay late.

Outside of her success as a career woman, Ms. King-Rose wants to be remembered for her great laugh, having fun and always being kind, honest and outspoken. When she has free time, she enjoys playing golf, going to shows at the theater, taking dance lessons and traveling.

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