Marika Marlow

marlow-marikaTitle: Educator, Department of Education and Child Development
Company: Mount Barker Primary School
Location: Mount Barker, SA Australia

After majoring in the arts, Marika Marlow decided to use this background to engage and empower children to become successful, articulate, resilient, and empowered life-long learners. She has since garnered almost four decades of professional experience, and is currently serving as an educator in the department of education and child development at Mount Barker Primary School.

Ms. Marlow prepared for her career by earning a diploma of education from Murray Park CAE (now the University of South Australia), and completing coursework in positive psychology, teaching English as a second language, how language works, and gifted education development. Since graduating, she has participated in a variety of formal and informal learning opportunities, including Professional Learning Communities. She is a member of the Muriel Matter Society in South Africa, the Australian Education Union and the South Australian Association for Drama in Education. She also participates in Australian Curriculum Advisory Committees for Primary Years, the Arts, and English.

With her many years in education, Ms. Marlow views her greatest achievement to be the visits and letters of appreciation and thanks that she receives from previous students. She finds solace in knowing that she has been influential in their endeavors and journeys to success. She is also very proud that she was recently chosen as a participant in the 30th Anna Stewart Memorial Project. Through this opportunity, she was able to participate and work with other women in workshops and conversations advocating and working toward equal pay and rights for women. She has also received a number of awards for her commitment to education and her students.

Ms. Marlow attributes her success to her desire to be successful, a desire that was instilled in her by her parents. She believes that life is a journey where people should develop their knowledge and understanding of the world so that they can be better people. In this respect, she believes it is her duty to inspire her students and colleagues alike so that, together, they can foster a stronger community.

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