Ellie Folkers

folkers-ellieTitle: Independent Member
Company: Herbalife
Location: Vicksburg, MI United States

A personal wellness coach, Ellie Folkers is driven by her mission to help everyone incorporate healthy nutrition into their lifestyles. She started her professional journey as a nurse, but after she discovered Herbalife, she ventured off on a new path and hasn’t looked back since. Ms. Folkers had health issues of her own in the past, and through their program, she lost 140 lbs., has more energy and is free of pain. She knew then she wanted to share the benefits with as many people as she could reach, and became an independent member with the company. She also runs her own consultancy, Weight Loss Nurse, which allows her to connect with more clients.

Since Ms. Folkers joined Herbalife, she has personally sold more than $3 million, earning her a lifetime achievement award and the honor of being on the executive president’s team. She is most proud of the number of people she has educated on being proactive about health and weight loss, however, and hopes to be remembered for her efforts. Looking forward, Ms. Folkers intends to work smarter and continue on her path. If she could offer some advice to others, it would be to follow their heart and to never quit.

When Ms. Folkers isn’t working, she enjoys spending more time with her children and grandchildren. She is also involved with her local Gospel Mission and church activities, and supports causes like Loaves and Fishes, the Herbalife Family Foundation, and the Herbalife CASA. Further, Ms. Folkers is an honored member of The International Women’s Leadership Association, Bradford Who’s Who, Stanford Who’s Who, the National Association of Professional Women, Brave Heart Women, and UAW.

Contact Ellie Folkers:

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