Elizabeth J. Rakis

Title: 1) Founder, President 2) Chief Executive Officer
Company: 1) J&L Services Inc. 2) Fine Line Innovative Products LLC
Location: Monee, IL United States

With 22 years in the trucking industry, Elizabeth Rakis is extremely passionate about what she does, and is committed to working toward the safety of the public and all drivers. That’s why she developed a tool called, “the brake releaser,” which is powered by her company, Fine Line Innovative Products LLC. This revolutionary device releases frozen brakes on semi-trucks in minutes, keeping both drivers and commuters much safer on the road. She is also developing a number of new tools to enhance the market. Additionally, Ms. Rakis also heads J&L Service Inc., where she handles overall financial operations and works to establish a customer base and relationships.

Over time, Ms. Rakis has become renowned as an expert in transportation, trucking, sales, P&L management and new business development. Her hard work, commitment and perseverance to increasing safety within the trucking industry has resulted in a number of awards, including the 2015 Great West Safety Award from the American Trucking Association and an Outstanding Achievement in Class One Highway Safety.

If she could offer some advice to the future generations, it would be to dream big, focus, and work hard.

Contact Elizabeth J. Rakis:

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