Diana M. Young

Title: Proprietor
Company: Calming Kids
Location: Carine, WA Australia

Diana Young is the proprietor of Calming Kids, an occupational therapy business that provides products that aid in treating children with sensory disorders. These products include weighted blankets, vests and wrist cuffs, lap bags, heat bags, specialized seating and cushions and other tactile defense products.

Ms. Young became involved in her profession after her son, who has a sensory disorder, required help from an occupational therapist. Wanting to help others in similar situations, she started Calming Kids in April 2006, and is dedicated to providing high-quality products for occupational therapists, physiotherapists and the general public to help treat children with sensory disorders. As the owner, she is responsible for overseeing all daily operations, including working with clients, developing strategic marketing and managing finances.

An expert in customer service, Ms. Young’s passion and commitment to helping both children and adults with special needs resulted in a 2015 nomination for the Women’s Business Award from Telstra. Looking to the future, she is looking forward to experiencing continued growth for the company.

Contact Diana Young:

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