Marlena L. Bansa

bansa-marlenaTitle: Owner, Administrator
Company: Little People Day Care & Kindergarten, Inc.
Location: Skokie, IL United States

Little People Day Care & Kindergarten, Inc. is a year-round facility that specializes in teaching academics, as well as positive thinking and self-image building to children between the ages of two and 13. Owned and run by Marlena Bansa, it allows children to participate in Junior Achievement and Camp Fire Programs, and learn Spanish and a variety of academic and life-building skills, all while discovering how to use their full potential to achieve their goals. Additionally, the school also accepts Action for Children.

Prior to opening the day care, Ms. Bansa spent numerous years owning a variety of businesses and being creative. With more than 35 years of experience under her belt, she settled into this career path in 1979, because it allowed her to help children and parents in her community. Ms. Bansa has a degree in business and psychology, and a degree in child development. She is inspired by the idea that she can make a difference, and she is looking forward to growing the school, continuing to provide quality education to students and helping more parents with training.

Ms. Bansa wants to be remembered as a caring person who was involved in the community and helped people on personal and professional levels. Her commitment to helping others, her perseverance and her advocacy for the community have garnered six community awards and a citywide award.

When she is not working, Ms. Bansa enjoys reading and going to the movies. She is also looking forward to growing an internet business that she has with weight-loss products.

Contact Marlena Bansa:

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