Judith A. Billings, JD

billings-judithTitle: Education Consultant
Company: Target Alliances
Location: Puyallup, WA United States

Judith Billings is the owner and president of Targeted Alliances, a private consulting firm that specializes in HIV/AIDS education and coordinating efforts to ensure equal learning opportunities for high-risk students. Ms. Billings is an expert consultant at conference keynotes, training and breakout sessions, and all things pertaining to educational legal issues. As a person living with AIDS, she is also in high-demand at schools for HIV/AIDS education programs across her community, state and professional groups. She is a member and leader in a number of HIV/AIDS-related organizations.

To prepare for her career, Ms. Billings earned a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree in communication, and a JD. She has worked as an educator at junior and senior high schools, as well as higher education institutions. She also garnered experience as an advisory to the U.S. House of Representatives Education Committee, and was the twice-elected Superintendent of Public Instruction. In 1998, Ms. Billings opened her consulting firm, and has thrived ever since. Her dedication and hard work has resulted in a number of community outreach, service and education awards.

Moving forward, Ms. Billings plans on continuing to work toward social justice by advocating for children and HIV/AIDS funding and awareness.

Contact Judith Billings:

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