Tonya Johnson

Title: Manager of Decision Support Systems
Company: Yale Medical Group
Location: Bridgeport, CT United States

Following a lifelong passion for IT, Tonya Johnson is currently the manager of decision support systems at Yale Medical Group. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in computer information systems and a Master of Science in computer information technology. Her ability to stay up to date with new and cutting edge technology has allowed her to stay at the top of her field.

As a woman in a male-dominated field, Ms. Johnson has always had to prove herself, and she is very proud that she has a management position in the industry. She attributes her success to her experience and outstanding analytical skills, as well as the support of her parents. She is proud of all she has accomplished, and wants to be remembered for paving the way for other women in their careers.

Looking to the future, Ms. Johnson wants to continue to increase her knowledge of IT systems by learning new systems and applying them to businesses. She would also like to move into a new role as assistant director of IT. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Women, a leader at Mount Aery Baptist Church, and a career mentor with ConnCAT.

Contact Tonya Johnson:

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