Lisa Ducharme

ducharme-lisaTitle: Owner
Company: Your Visual Alternatives
Location: Belchertown, MA United States

A visual photo artist, Lisa Ducharme uses her expertise and skill to take photos at events and combine them to create mosaics or collages for her clients, “harnessing the power of clients’ photos into memorable art.” She is currently the owner of Your Visual Alternatives, through which she provides her unique photography services. She is also a military coordinator at Westfield State University.

Ms. Ducharme has always had a passion for photography, and decided to follow it as a career path after serving with the U.S. Air Force for 21 years. She prepared by receiving certification in 3-D Animation and Interactive Media from the Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in hospitality and tourism management from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Moving forward, Ms. Ducharme hopes that her business will soon be self-sustaining. Until then, she intends to continually develop and perfect her skills in creating photos, designs and concepts through mosaics, collage photo art and 3-D photo art.

Outside of her work as a photographer, Ms. Ducharme is very proud to serve as a project manager with the American Red Cross program, Pillowcase Project. This is an emergency preparedness program in schools for children ages 8 to 11.

Contact Lisa Ducharme:

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