Cindy McGown

Title: President, Chief Executive Officer
Company: Perform Air International, Inc.
Location: Gilbert, AZ United States

Passionate and hardworking, Cindy McGown is the president and CEO of the aerospace company Perform Air International, Inc. It provides services for the commercial and military aviation industries, including overhaul and repair services. With a background in finance and accounting, she started at the company as a comptroller, eventually becoming an ISL auditor and receiving her certification. She also completed training and became licensed in her field, and in 2001, she purchased the company.

Ms. McGown attributes her success to her perseverance, as well as her extreme diversification and knowledge base. In addition to owning Perform Air, she also owns a number of other companies, including a commercial landscaping company, GMC Landscape, a record label recording company, and a residential management company that owns 43 properties, Montero LLC.  She also has Royal Arabian, an Arabian breeding business.

Moving forward, Ms. McGown hopes to diversify more businesses, and hire more people to provide more opportunities. She would also like to see better opportunities for women in the workforce, especially women with children. When she is not working, she enjoys painting and gardening.

Contact Cindy McGown:

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