Deanna J. Girod

Title:  Senior Analyst
Company: Cameco Corporation
Location: Corman Park, SK Canada

Passionate and driven, Deanna Girod has been involved in her industry for more than 30 years. She prepared through her SAP education, earning a SCM500 for processes in procurement, a SCM520 in purchasing, and a certificate in logistics, materials, quality and supply chain management. Ms. Girod began her career as a purchasing agent for another big company before she was recruited by Cameco Corporation, the largest uranium producers in the world. She started out by working as a corporate buyer for 8 years, and then became a senior analyst in the inventory system, handling low-dollar low-risk materials. She is responsible for the investment recovery of non-moving, obsolete materials that been identified for asset disposal.

A woman in a male-dominated industry, Ms Girod has had to work harder to gain respect for her knowledge and her position within the company. Her communication skills, ability to maintain relationships within the industry, and perseverance through challenges have helped guide her to success. Looking to the future, she would like to continue mapping out the process that is now implemented and getting it out as published policy.

When she is not working, Ms. Girod enjoys cooking and traveling.

Contact Deanna Girod:

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