Georgia Michelle Stovall

Title: Senior Clinical Strategist
Company: Cerner Corporation
Location: Topeka, KS United States

After several years of serving as a registered nurse, Georgia Michelle Stovall decided to pursue a slight change in career, earned a Master of Science in international business, and moved into information technology in the health care industry. Now, for the past 6 years, she has worked as the senior clinical strategist for Cerner Corporation, the leading U.S. supplier of health care information technology solutions.

With her many years of experience in health care, in addition to her education and IT experience, Ms. Stovall has become an expert in health care information technology, EHR, informatics and health care consulting. She attributes her success to her persistence, focus and desire to seek feedback. To this day, her greatest career accomplishment has been her ability to measure the return on investments for health care solutions. Moving forward in her career, she hopes to continue to improve the lives of executives and physicians, as well as to move into the global market.

Ms. Stovall is constantly being inspired by her passion for health care and the hand she has played in making people healthier and happier. Similarly, she wants to be remembered for her ability to always do the right thing for others. Ms. Stovall’s advice to young people entering the workforce is to remember one’s home life, because that is what is most important. She also advises them to never quit learning.

Outside of her work in health care IT, Ms. Stovall is a member of the American Nurses’ Association. She also supports the missions of Jhamtse International and Gatsal Children’s Community. In her free time, she enjoys sports and playing golf.

Contact Georgia Michelle Stovall:

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