Maureen M. Klees, MS

klees-maureenTitle: Health and Physical Education Teacher (Retired)
Company: Mountain View High School
Location: Kingsley, PA United States

Before she retired, Maureen Klees spent more than three decades as a health and physical education teacher at Mountain View High School. She instructed seventh- and 11th graders in health, and students grades eight through 10 in physical education. Ms. Klees is now operating her own part-time business, AMEND, which stands for “Absolutely Motivated to Empower New Directions.” The company intends to empower individuals serious about creating change for the better in their lives or the lives of others. Her goal is to start a ripple effect that will create a better world, one person at a time.

To prepare for her career, Ms. Klees received a Bachelor of Science in health, physical education, recreation and dance, as well as a master’s degree in health science. She is also certified in health and physical education, CPR and neuro-associative conditioning, in addition to being a certified basic life support instructor. An official for the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association, Ms. Klees became involved in her profession because she wanted a job that would allow her to be both indoors and outdoors, and spend time with her children. She is a member of the Mountain View Education Association, PSEA, NEA, the Society of Health and Physical Education, the American Public Health Association, her local church, Vision 20/20, Raft Guide, the National Ski Patrol, AHA and PSAHPERD.

Ms. Klees attributes her success to her faith in God, as well as her willingness and ability to recognize opportunity. She also acknowledges that she would not be where she is today without the support she received from a health and physical education teacher, a music teacher and her parents, especially her mother. She received the 25-Plus Years of Service Recognition Award from PIAA, and also founded Lock Haven University’s first women’s volleyball club, which was, at one point, nationally ranked.

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