Jacqueline Hake

Jackie Hake

Title: President, Creative Director
Company: Lighthouse Exhibits, Inc.
Location: Downers Grove, IL United States

For the past three years, Jacqueline Hake has served as president and creative director of Lighthouse Exhibits, Inc., honing in on 12 years of 3-D modeling, and industrial and graphic design expertise. As an event planning company, Lighthouse Exhibits, Inc. relies on Ms. Hake’s seasoned experience to listen to clients’ ideas and translate their perception into graphic art, 3-D models, and animations and multi-media that communicates their brand message clearly and creatively. The highlight of Ms. Hake’s career was managing her business successfully during critical situations, attributing her success to patience, self-criticism and ability to work well with others.

Initially, Ms. Hake became involved in her profession after gaining experience leading projects with variable companies like Super Bowl, Hyundai, Nintendo, and many others. In 2006 she was awarded by World Shoe Association for more innovative exhibit design. Since graduating from Columbia College, Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts in interactive multimedia, she has since kept abreast of changes in her profession through her membership with EDPA.

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