Katrina Ablett

Title: Sales Operations Manager
Company: Splunk
Location: Red Hill, VIC Australia

Passionate and dedicated, Katrina Ablett brings two decades of experience to her current position as Splunk’s sales operation manager. In her role with the global IT company, which provides its clients with data software mining, she is responsible for working with senior management in Australia to define strategy and development of management systems to grow sales. She is also responsible for reporting metrics and noting any loopholes in the process that inhibit productivity.

Ms. Ablett prepared for this career by receiving a bachelor’s degree in business systems from Monash University. She became involved in her profession after working as a computer programmer for six months and realizing it was not for her. Ms. Ablett then received an opportunity to work for IBM, and got a chance to experience the other sides of IT, which she quickly realized were more fun for her than programming. She attributes her success to her networking skills and her integrity.

 Looking to the future, Ms. Ablett plans to progress to a sales operations director position, which is the highest level with Splunk’s Australian team. Outside of her work, she supports the White Ribbon Organization, and even does event planning for the organization. She also supports trail-running events.

Contact Katrina Ablett:

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