Flora Sowell

Title: Owner
Company: Flo’s Home Health Care
Location: Charlotte, NC United States

For the past 30 years, Flora Sowell has been the owner of the home health care company, Flo’s Home Health Care, which provides home health care services in the Charlotte, N.C., region. Her many years of experience make her an expert in the field, as well as her license as a practical nurse. She received that nursing license from Central Piedmont College, and even attended the school on a nursing scholarship.

As the owner of Flo’s Home Health Care, Ms. Sowell is responsible for working in people’s homes and offering a variety of health care services to her patients. Specifically, she spends a lot of time dealing with the health and care of the elderly, as they are the demographic that seem to need the most at-home health care. Ms. Sowell attributes her many years of success to her caring nature—she loves helping people. Additionally, she also has a wonderful and quirky personality, and loves to wear cat shirts every day. Her ability to make her patients feel at ease in their homes, and under her care, also greatly attributes to her success.

Contact Flora Sowell:

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