Mary Kay Rich

rich-mary-kayTitle: Author, Actress, Motivational Speaker
Location: Urbana, OH United States

Mary Kay Rich is a motivational speaker, author and actress. Through these mediums, she is able to share her many life experiences to help others work through their own problems and crises. Ms. Rich’s gift for sharing stories and inspiring others, in addition to her courage, determination, faith and zest for life, has made her perfect for her current roles. Throughout her life, she has faced a great number of challenges, including a childhood illness and life-threatening surgery, helping her mother leave an abusive relationship, the death of her brother,  being widowed in her 20s, and relocating her entire family on her own , to name a few. Ms. Rich, however, did not let these experiences change her for the worse. On the contrary, she used these experiences to deepen her faith in God and herself, as well as prove that happiness and love can be found even in the darkest times. Ms. Rich has also written, produced and starred in a movie about her love affair with her third late husband, Paul Rich. The film, “My Dream Beside Me,” chronicles their initial meeting and 13-year marriage up until his death in 2012.

Now, Ms. Rich specializes in teaching and talking about self talk for personal empowerment, forgiveness, inner peace and love, living in harmony, life planning skills, coping with crisis, goal setting and shaping creative attitudes. Prior to her current work inspiring others, she was also the owner and president of her own real-estate company, Kay Slesinger Realty. Whatever she is doing, however, she finds happiness and success whenever she is meeting and helping others.

Ms. Rich herself is proof that everyone can move past hard times to heal, be happy and love again, and she simply wants to help others understand and learn this. Despite all the challenges that she has been experiencing since she was a young girl, she persevered and kept faith that things would and could get better, and they did. Her life and many loves prove that love is limitless, and she is more than happy to share that with others.

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