Ferline M. Buie

buie-ferlineTitle: President (Retired)
Company: Teamsters Union Local 922
Location: Washington, D.C., United States

The Teamsters Union is the strongest and most diverse labor union in North America, and until her recent retirement, Ferline Buie was the president of the Washington, D.C. chapter, Local 922. She brought five decades of experience into the position; experience that gave her the ability to properly deal with different kinds of situations, as well as hone her excellent communication skills. Ms. Buie was inspired by her desire to help people reach their full potential, and was consistent in, and dedicated to, her career. She loved what she does, and looking to the future, she hopes to continue doing her best to better the lives of others.

Ms. Buie only received her high school diploma, and having the opportunity to rise up through the ranks at Teamsters Union to become president was one of her greatest career accomplishments. In her free time, she participates with the Order of the Eastern Star and volunteers her time at the Spirit of Christ Baptist Church.

Contact Ferline M. Buie:

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