Lorraine Johnson

johnson-lorraineTitle: Owner
Company: Freedom Equity Group
Location: Camden, NJ United States

Compassionate and kind, Lorraine Johnson has dedicated her career to helping others. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree and participating in two and a half years of law school, she decided to pursue a career in social work, where she stayed for more than 25 years. Then, two years ago, Ms. Johnson decided to open up her own financial services company, the Freedom Equity Group. There, she works with both individuals and businesses in areas such as protection, life and home insurance, casualty, retirement plans, savings, living benefits, reducing debt, estate planning referrals and asset management.

As finance is a very male-dominated industry, Ms. Johnson quickly realized the challenges of maintaining her independence while working. Her passion and communication skills, however, helped her to establish herself and become successful despite the challenges. Anytime things got tough, she drew inspiration from her mother, who only finished up to ninth grade, but still managed to put two children through college.

Outside of Ms. Johnson’s career in finance, her greatest accomplishment so far has been reaching the highest ranks as a presenter and educator or African American art. Additionally, she hopes to write an educational program for schools, so that she can teach young people how money works and how to save for the future. She participates in a number of business professional groups so that she can stay up-to-date in her field. She is also a member of the Kingdom Chamber of Commerce and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. When she is not working, she enjoys traveling, making jewelry, reading and New Peaks workshops.

Contact Lorraine Johnson:

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