Miriam I. Rodriguez

Rodriquez, Miriam 2Title: Chief Executive Officer, Owner
Company: Innovative Property Management & Development, Inc.
Location: Bronx, NY United States

Driven by her desire to provide the best possible service to her clients, Miriam Rodriguez earned a number of industry-related certifications, including real estate broker, certified housing manager and certified occupancy specialist. Her company, Innovative Property Management and Development offers customers an array of options, such as marketing the property for rent, preparing apartments and commercial stores for rent, tenant screening, selection and move-in and maintenance, repairs and remodeling.

As the CEO, Ms. Rodriguez is responsible for a variety of tasks, including directing all daily operations for 10 separate locations and supervising more than 50 employees, in addition to handling the management and development of an $80 million portfolio, government subsidized residential properties, housing preservation development properties, and commercial revitalization. She also opened Hybridge Contracting and Maintenance Company (HCM) to help the reparation and revitalization of properties, neighborhood and communities with great emphasis in commercial revitalization.

Ms. Rodriguez’s dedication to her career and clients has won her a great number of awards and certificates of appreciation, including a certificate of appreciation from the Department of House Urban and Development, Business Woman of the Year and a Rising Entrepreneur Award. She attributes her many years of success to being hard-working and ambitious, as well as having good mentors over the years.

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