Tanya Blowe

Tanya BloweTitle: Publisher
Company: Tanya Blowe Publication, Inc.
Location:  Richmond, VA United States

An expert in writing and motivational speaking, Tanya Blowe has been the publisher for her own small, independent publishing company for seven years. She is focused on finding and developing writers in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, Christian and career-focused books. She wants to publish books that teach and encourage others, as well as writings that promote the improvement of lives of people and communities around the world.

In her role, Ms. Blowe is responsible for ensuring that her company publishes its books at affordable prices. She is also in charge of writing, editing and speaking at workshops and conferences. Further, Ms. Bloew translates books into Spanish, for those who desire to reach the Latino market, and French. An author herself, she has written “Inspirational Writings from the Living Water,” which is chock-full of encouraging and wise words. She has also written “Writers Overcoming Obstacles to Achieve a Goal,” which is aimed at teaching aspiring writers how to get their ideas ready for print.

Ms. Blowe attributes her success to her support system , who saw potential in her even when she did not. She hopes to continue working in her field and reaching out and helping as many people as possible.

Contact Tanya Blowe:

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