Maria Franksen

Franksen, MariaTitle: Member of the Management Board, Production & Supply Chain Manager
Company: Stena Steel
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Initially, Maria Franksen became involved in her profession because she saw movement in the supply chain field and knew it was where she could succeed. Now with more than twenty years of experience in her field, she is an expert on lead production, manufacturing, supply chain, international affairs and custom regulations. Ms. Franksen is currently a member of the management board for the steel company, Stena Steel, as well as their production and supply chain manager. She is responsible for maintaining and keeping track of logistics and supply chain services, optimizing transportation and increasing employee satisfaction.

As a production and supply chain manager, Ms. Franksen wants the company’s product to exceed and supersede her customers’ expectations. She also wants to be seen as a role model for her staff. When asked about her plans for the future, she intends on starting her own company in the supply chain field.

Prior to her current position, Ms. Franksen earned a Bachelor of Arts in archaeology. She worked as an area supervisor at the British Museum for 25 years. There, Ms. Franksen was responsible for supervising archaeologists and local workers during excavations. In addition to her vast knowledge, her energetic nature and confidence have also greatly attributed to her success.

When Ms. Franksen is not working, she enjoys downhill skiing, sailing and traveling.

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