Batul Ladak, MD

Ladak, BatulTitle: Doctor
Company: Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics
Location: Paramus, NJ United States

Driven by a dedication to her profession, Batul Ladak wants to be remembered as a doctor who helped children achieve their goals and used all of her energy to make a difference.  She has always had a passion for children and wanted to find a career where she could help them and offer extra support, so she attended medical school in Pakistan.. Her advocacy and compassion for children with special needs, as well as her knowledge and desire to always be better, has made her a successful pediatric doctor.

Dr. Ladak loves what she does and wants to be able to do everything in her ability to help the children. She hopes to reach more patients and teach more, as well as volunteer in countries that do not have services for children with special needs. Dr. Ladak feels that having the opportunities to enhance her education and have exposure to different categories of disabilities has contributed to her success. She remains on top of changes in her field through her membership with the IMI and follows the American Academy of Pediatrics. When she is not working, she enjoys reading, taking long walks, meeting with friends and religious meetings.

Contact Batul Ladak:

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