Jo Shankel

shankel-joTitle: Support Specialist II
Company: HopeWest
Location: Grand Junction, CO United States

Although Jo Shankel chose a career in health care and, currently, hospice care, because she was drawn to the medical field, she has also always enjoyed working in an office environment. Now with more than 30 years of professional experience, she currently utilizes both interests in her role as the support specialist II for HopeWest, an organization that provides hospice, bereavement and grief services in Colorado. In this position, Ms. Shankel is responsible for a number of duties to include running reports, troubleshooting database issues, helping staff make corrections to their data, as well as teaching customer service to new employees, and ordering supplies.

In preparation for this career, Ms. Shankel received a diploma in Advanced Secretarial education from Parks College, as well as participating in on-the-job training. She has found success by using her love of people and ability to prove herself and her worth, and letting things roll off her back.  She also attributes her achievements to her wonderful support system.

Ms. Shankel is constantly being inspired by the positive impact she leaves on people. She is most proud of the respect she has gained from her co-workers and others within the organization. In addition, she wants to be remembered for her kindness and her ability to care for others.Ms. Shankel wants to continue to learn and grow with HopeWest for years to come.  There is still so much to learn.

When Ms. Shankel is not working, she enjoys reading, puzzles (both jigsaw and crossword) and spending time with her husband and their cats.  As a cancer survivor, she supports the efforts of Relay for Life and honors our veterans through the HopeWest Veterans Committee.

Contact Jo Shankel:

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