Nan Arnstein

Title: Chief Executive Officer
Company: Creative Arts for Developing Minds, Inc.
Location: Hartford, CT United States

Following a 20-year career in corporate finance, Nan Arnstein decided to open up her own nonprofit organization. Through her organization, Creative Arts for Developing Minds, Inc., she is responsible for working with foster care children. She chose this cause for her nonprofit because she was once a foster child herself, and understands the struggles of having a difficult childhood. Inspired by her own high school mentors, she desires to be the kind and compassionate person that makes a difference in these children’s lives.

Creative Arts for Developing Minds, Inc. is focused on providing children within the foster care system with a place for creative expression, in the hopes that this will increase their self-esteem and help them develop a sense of community. One of Ms. Arnstein’s greatest achievements through her organization was one of the first workshops she ran. She worked with children ranging from ages two to 12, and she was able to really relate to them because of their shared experiences in the foster care system. She remembers that the children’s faces and smiles were how she knew that she was doing the right thing.

Ms. Arnstein attributes her success to her experience and her listening skills. She doesn’t just listen, she hears what the person is saying, which results in fair solutions that benefit everyone. In addition to her work with her nonprofit, she also published a book named, “Rocky Shores,” which follows the fictional story of a young boy in the foster care system. She is also very proud to say that Creative Arts is continuing to expand and help more children.

Through the creation of a nonprofit organization, Ms. Arnstein was able to find her voice. She plans on continuing to use it to do in-person events, positive training and educating others in foster care. Outside of her nonprofit work, she is a member of the Cano Foundation and the president of the board of directors of CTGLC.

Contact Nan Arnstein:

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