Stephanie J. Zafonte, DNP, RN, CCRP

Zafonte, StephanieTitle: Senior Project Manager
Company: PPD Inc.
Location: Rockville, MD United States

Stephanie Zafonte fell into her career path when she finished school, and it soon became her passion. She received her Bachelor of Science in nursing in 1988 from the University of Maryland. She eventually went back to school to receive a Master of Science in nursing, with a concentration in clinical research administration from the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, and is currently pursuing a doctorate in leadership and management from the same school.

With her greatest strengths lying in project management, along with her work as the senior project manager at the pharmaceutical company, PPD Inc., Ms. Zafonte also served as the clinical project manager for NIAID/DMID Enteric and Hepatic Disease Branch. There, she was responsible for ensuring policies and procedures are followed and in compliance, planning, coordinating, prioritizing and evaluating of projects, coordinating and attending meetings, delivering training and presentations and serving as a liaison for the company.

Ms. Zafonte is a certified clinical research professional and quality auditor, as well as certified in regulatory affairs. She is looking forward to finally obtaining her doctorate, and hopes to soon gain an executive leadership position within the clinical research industry. Her career has garnered her much recognition and awards, including the George Washington University Virtual Exhibit Presentation Award, the HHS Annual Performance Award and the On the Spot Awards for clinical Excellence. She has also published several articles in her areas of expertise.

Looking forward, Ms. Zafonte wants to be remembered for making a difference in people’s lives and hopes that her work will improve the public health industry overall. In her free time, she enjoys spending time at the beach, listening to music and audio books, and going to the theater. She is also a personal stylist for the designer clothing line, CABI.

Contact Stephanie Zafonte:

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