Lori D. Traylor

Traylor, LoriTitle: Program and Project Manager
Company: ItMightWork
Location: Bartonville, TX United States

Committed to solving problems, Lori Traylor has spent the past two decades serving as a program manager, with 14 years as both a program and project manager for ItMightWork. The company provides information technology consulting services, including overall project management, from IT projects to ERP conversions, and website strategies to human resources. In her role with the consultancy, Ms. Traylor is responsible for keeping up with priorities, meeting budget requirements, overall budget analysis, understanding and mitigating risks, assuring quality at all times, and construction management. She really enjoys her career, and is particularly proud of having worked with both Fortune 500 and small independent companies in a manner that brought each success.

As a woman in today’s world, Ms. Traylor is attributes her accomplishments to her strong communication skills and amazing clients, as well as her adaptability. She feels her current position represents a natural progression from her programming days, when she realized her ability to bring teams together to achieve specific goals. Along the way, Ms. Traylor earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from Texas A&M University, and became a certified project manager from the Project Management Institute.

Contact Lori D. Traylor:

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