M. Ann Marshall

Title: Owner (Retired)
Company: James P. Marshall Inc.
Location: North York, ON Canada

Following the encouragement of her husband, M. Ann Marshall decided to open James P. Marshall Inc., an investment and consulting firm that provided financial services to its clients. The firm specialized in pension, foundation and endowment funds. As the owner, and an expert in consulting, she was responsible for learning the industry from the ground up and knowing and running all aspects of the company.

Ms. Marshall’s dedication to James P. Marshall was evident in the work she did to grow the company from a staff of two to a team of 35 based in Toronto, Regina and Vancouver.

Ms. Marshall received a Bachelor of Arts from University of Western Ontario, and holds the ICD.D. designation from the Institute of Corporate Directors. She is also a member of the board of trustees for The OPSEU Pension Trust, and has been a member of the advisory board at Northwater Five-Year Market-Neutral Trust since August 2004.

In 2000, Ms. Marshall and the Hewitt director of the Canadian region, Ron Lloyd, announced that James P. Marshall Inc. and the global management consulting firm, Hewitt Associates, would be partnering to create an entirely owned Hewitt operation. Although she is now retired, Ms. Marshall hopes to continue contributing and serving on more boards.

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