Hattie Bronson

Bronson. HattieTitle: Adjunct Professor (Retired)
Company: Belhaven University
Location: Jackson, MS United States

Hattie Bronson was put on this earth so that she could be a teacher. Her mother was a teacher, and Ms. Bronson decided early on that she wanted to follow in her footsteps and educate others as well. In preparation for this, she earned a bachelor’s degree in health and physical education, and a master’s degree in early childhood education.

Now, Ms. Bronson has more than four decades of experience in education. Before she retired, she was an adjunct professor at Belhaven University. Her commitment to her field earned her a Fulbright Scholarship in 2009. She was also named Woman of the Year in 2010-2011 by the National Association of Professional Women.

Aside from her dedication to shaping and educating young minds, her greatest strengths lie in her leadership and organizational skills, as well as her ability to be a team player. Drawing her strength and inspiration from God, she would now like to focus on writing, particularly on effective teaching strategies.

Ms. Bronson would like to be remembered as a woman who dedicated herself to God and educating others. She supports research in South Africa at several universities through the Fulbright Scholarship program. Additionally, she also volunteers in Marie, Haiti with her church, the Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church.

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