Amber N. Saber

Saber, AmberTitle: Programmatic Marketing Manager
Company: Netflix
Location: San Jose, CA United States

Ever since high school, Amber Saber had dreamed of attending Northeastern University in Boston. She worked hard throughout high school and completed two years of junior college to save up for that dream. Then, in what she considers to be her greatest accomplishment to date, Ms. Saber ended up earning a Bachelor of Science from Northeastern. Since then, she has been determinedly using her education to reach new professional heights. Ms. Saber currently works for Netflix, where she has had the opportunity to come up with creative ways to increase exposure and come up with a stronger brand. She attributes her success thus far to her ability to read people and learn things fast.

The biggest challenge Ms. Saber faces along the way is believing in herself and standing up for herself. She still struggles with that sometimes, but is working to build up her confidence to overcome it. Ms. Saber’s professional goal is to continually increase her knowledge and improve her strengths and weaknesses. Long term, she would like to move into a more strategic management role. Ms. Saber is inspired by the marketing engineering team that supports her own team because they can take a comment about a pain-point she has and turn it into an internal tool to increase efficiency. She also admires how they break down complicated tasks and can translate them to simple solutions.

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