Marvie Tschetter

Title: Chief Executive Officer
Company: Lankota, Inc.
Location: Huron, SD United States

Marvie Tschetter began her business career in the field of management and business consulting, with a primary focus on strategic planning and leadership development. Her journey would lead her to unique business opportunities, and as she found herself as a true entrepreneur, she started several successful businesses, including a joint family venture of Lankota, Inc., which focuses on manufacturing and distribution.

As journeys go, Marvie has now launched a leadership business with a focus on training, motivational speaking and coaching. Based on solid experience, Marvie advocates Leadership from the Heart, with Vision, Intention, and Purpose being critical elements of the program –  V.I.P. Coaching at It’s Best!

Ms. Tschetter is also an active member of her community, serving on the Chamber of Commerce Board, and the Country Club Board, serving as a Junior Achievement Volunteer, and numerous offerings through the church. In her free time, Marvie enjoys a sociable round of golf, traveling, and family time.

Contact Marvie Tschetter:

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